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当客户需要行业专门知识、深入的法律知识,以及能够在业务上与他们密切合作的可靠伙伴时,第一个想到的就是BRADFORD, LTD。欲从客户的视角深入了解我们,请继续阅读。您将看到重要客户对我们做出的直接评价。

For Aaron to protect us, our IP from infringement, or other people sueing us because we infringe their patent, you cannot find a better combination.

Through my network on the manufacture side in Asia, through the litigation in court and patent application in the middle – Aaron covers all of them.

Any inventor of a company needs to be looking from the manufacture side all the way to litigation; one party to handle it all. Aaron has it. That’s rare.

- Pilot Automotive Inc.

Since its inception on 11/1/03, Hudson Healthcare, a division of Hudson Insurance Group, has had as its hallmark Claims philosophy, the hiring of the best medical malpractice defense counsel in each state.‎ Nine years ago, we began a relationship with Aaron Bradford in Colorado. He soon became our exclusive attorney in Colorado. He is now our primary counsel in Arizona as well. This is due to his passion for defending our insured health care providers, particularly his zeal for taking difficult and complex cases through trial successfully. I highly recommend Aaron because of the specific results he has achieved for Hudson.

Bill Wetherell, Consultant Hudson Healthcare Formerly, SVP, Healthcare Claims (Retired)

I’ve worked with Aaron for about 5 years. He handles all of our litigation matters related to professional negligence. Aaron is the consummate professional and knowledgeable in his field. We trust his judgment and thoroughly enjoy working with him.

Elaine Gerson, Chief Transformation Officer and General Counsel for Aspen Valley Hospital

Mr. Bradford is a great partner to our company. Our company has a wide variety of products and we rely on Bradford to provide guidance on the protection of our products in the United States. Bradford is direct, responsive and has our interests in mind at all times. He is a true partner and we trust him completely to handle our litigation, our patents, trademarks and copyrights.

Calvin Wang, President of Pilot, Inc.